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Muscle Intelligence

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Nov 13, 2019

In this episode of the Muscle Intelligence Podcast, we are joined by sleep expert and co-founder of Chili Technology, Tara Youngblood! She is here to discuss everything sleep-related and how we can make the most of this all-important part of our lives. Tara gives us some great insight into the most important factors that influence our sleep and emphasizes the unique ways our bodies work in relation to rest and recovery. Our chronotype determines a lot of how our bodies prepare and enter into a sleep cycle and so there is no one-size-fits-all remedy for inferior sleep. Rather, we need to look at our indicators and respond accordingly to these to optimize sleep for better health. We discuss body fat, stress, diet, temperature, supplementation and more! For Tara, the exercise is to build awareness and knowledge of one's own profile and then build healthy practices and habits that promote better sleep with steady REM periods. This episode is brought to you by the best olive oil in the world! Fresh Pressed Olive is still offering bottles for $1 so go straight to to order yours!



  • Surprising correlations between body fat and temperature during sleep. [5:13]
  • Minimizing stress for your sleep space and maximizing recovery. [6:14]
  • Good sleep habits that can make traveling easier on your body. [10:30]
  • Starting with your chronotype and timing your day accordingly. [11:15]
  • The huge influence of temperature in preparing our bodies to sleep. [15:15]
  • Influential factors on attaining more time in deep sleep. [19:13]
  • Habits and hacks to implement before bedtime to boost your recovery. [21:28]
  • The deterioration of deep sleep in older persons and reasons for this. [24:47]
  • The relationship between diet, metabolism and circadian rhythms. [27:50]
  • Tara's upcoming TEDtalk and the 'three buckets of sleep'. [29:34]
  • Supplementation for sleep and unique approaches for type. [32:39]
  • Journalling and tracking sleep for better awareness. [37:09]