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Muscle Intelligence

Aug 20, 2019

Today on the podcast we feature an exceptional man, Dr. Chris Spearman, who has succeeded in a variety of aspects of life, including in the areas of education and, more recently, business. He talks about his journey through his Ph.D. in leukemia studies, and then he dives into the transformation of his physical body,...

Aug 15, 2019

Today we are doing another Q&A session where Ashleigh steps into the host seat and grills Ben about diet, training, meat and more! Most of the episode is spent discussing Ben's recent forays into the carnivore diet and what worked and what did not, in his experience.

Aug 13, 2019

Our guest on the show today is Dr. Ralph Esposito who is a particularly authoritative voice on the topic of hormone optimization. He has been a guest on the podcast before and is a prime example of somebody who lives an optimized life: he is mindful about every decision he makes and, like me, he is against the common...

Aug 7, 2019

Today on the show we’re doing something a little different. Many of you have indicated that a Q&A format would be really great, and I’ve teamed up with the lovely Ashleigh VanHouten who will be directing a diverse range of questions at me – and while we agree on a lot of stuff, we also bump heads about certain...

Aug 5, 2019

On today’s episode, we welcome Zach Bitter. Zach is an endurance athlete and coach and he is nothing short of a high achiever. He consistently runs 100-mile ultra-marathons and is now in the midst of preparing for an even greater race.