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Jun 16, 2022

My personal coaching packages always include blood, urine, and DNA testing for those who are looking to achieve optimal health through objective metrics. As I've navigated this landscape with my clients over the years, I'm consistently dissatisfied with the "normal" ranges prescribed by the conventional medical community.

Today's guest, Dr. Gil Blander, shares my view. What utility does the normal range have, when there is such a much better opportunity to obtain a marker of health that is optimal, individualized, and SO much better than normal? Today's episode breaks down the biggest levers to help you reach a level of "superhuman" that is accessible for nearly EVERYONE.

Dr. Gil Blander is a renowned scientist with a PhD in biology, who conducted his postgraduate research on aging at MIT.  He is an expert in nutrition, biomarker analytics, athletic performance, biochemistry, and aging research.  Dr. Blander is also the founder of InsideTracker, a personalized health and performance analytics company created by leading scientists, physicians, nutritionists and exercise physiologists.

You'll learn:
  • How body composition and caloric restriction affect longevity.
  • The number ONE lever for health and longevity intervention.
  • Why the "normal" range is often far from optimal.
  • Three KEY compounds proven to boost your healthspan.
  • The tool for lifelong health that you are underutilizing.

Learn more about Dr. Blander and InsideTracker:

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