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Muscle Intelligence

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Dec 21, 2020

The legendary Dr. John Demartini is with me today, a world-renowned specialist in human behavior, researcher, author and global educator. His unique teachings start at the core of the issue, addressing the human factor and range out to a multitude of powerful tools that have stood the test of time. His goal is to leave clients with insights into their behavior and the empowering keys to unlock their full potential.

In this episode we discuss the 7 areas of empowerment in your life, the 7 questions to ask yourself when searching for your purpose, goal setting, how to help others on their journey, achieving financial freedom and much more. 

To fin out more about Dr. John Demartini, please check out:
Value Determinants by Dr. Demartini

Book mentioned: Good to Great By Jim Collins

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[0:00] – Introducing my guest

[2:20] – Today’s sponsor:

[4:06] – Welcoming my guest Dr. John Demartini

[5:16] – Let’s start with epigenetics

[7:55] – Perception matters

[9:09] – The massive impact of epigenetics

[11:21] – Neuroplasticity

[12:42] – Focusing on the highest priorities

[14:24] – How accurate Is your value determents test?

[15:30] – Do you want to be financially independent?

[16:34] – Facing your value determinants

[17:54] – The 1st step to live inside your values

[18:43] – The need for structure

[20:41] – The $25million dollar dog

[22:24] – The fisherman story

[25:57] – What do you do when you just don’t know what to do.

[26:59] – 7 questions to determine your goals

[28:38] – How do I get paid to do what I love?

[29:37]  – Highest priority actions

[30:25] – Foresight

[31:10] – Evaluating your efficacy

[32:39] – Aligning your values and goals

[34:25] – Goal setting: too big vs. too small

[36:30] – Helping others change

[40:42] – Negative attachments and benefits of pain

[44:15] – Unconscious motives

[46:30] – Solving the bigger problems

[47:08] –Small steps to financial independence

[49:04] – Overnight success

[50:23] – The 7 areas of empowerment in your life

[53:56] - Deeper thoughts on mental mastery

[55:50] – Raising the consciousness of humanity

[57:51] – for books, courses, and more