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Muscle Intelligence

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Aug 10, 2020

Today Ben speaks with his good friend and fellow gym owner, fitness mentor, and trainer Mark Coles. Mark has just written a book called Level Up: The Fitness Professional's Road Map to Achieving Excellence (which Ben wrote the foreword to) and they discuss Mark's journey from personal trainer to gym owner to trainer mentor and beyond; how he grew his business through clarity of vision; how to identify goals and think big; and taking ownership of your process and your life, whether it's with relationships, business, or bodybuilding. This is a must listen to anyone looking to become a leader in their life or work, understand how to find their passion and happiness, and just be inspired.


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Episode Timestamps

  • Importance of Enzymes for Digestion [3:00]
  • Introducing our guest Mark Coles and his work [07:00]
  • The value of doing what you love [10:30]
  • Start of career as a personal trainer [11:10]
  • Mark as a child and teenager [13:20]
  • Increasing your rates with levelling up in your business [15:23]
  • People who played parts in Mark’s devotion to body building [15:42]
  • Acknowledging what kind of coach do you want to be [18:15]
  • Get noticed [21:31]
  • How Ben and Mark became friends [ 24:14]
  • Difference between arrogance and confidence [26:28]
  • Envisioning the challenges involved in the career path [29:29]
  • Small wins count! [32:42]
  • What was it like in start! [34:00]
  • Why Mark wrote a book [40:50]
  • Having control of your body is important for body building [44:15]
  • Maintaining balance as a coach and a business owner [46:00]
  • Mastering the 3 P’s [47:15]
  • Personal development is very important for growing as whoever you are! [49:18]
  • Biggest lesson in the gym – The learning curve! [50:48]
  • What you are inspired by, matters! [53:26]
  • Advice for all business owners [54:35]
  • Get in touch with Mark [56:13]