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Muscle Intelligence

Jan 13, 2020

Joy and progress do not just happen out of nowhere. They take planning, preparation, and steady, hard work. Today Ashleigh and Ben are here to remind you of the importance of this kind of commitment and use this Q&A session to really drill down and what can help you succeed in fitness and beyond. They talk about morning routines, mindfulness, intentionality and more! The ability to say no to some things can make all the difference in your long-term success, as will setting these horizon goals that you can slowly work towards. The discussion also covers attitude and how the enjoyment of difficulty can determine your success and capability later on. Ben talks about the importance of increasing testosterone and dopamine in a world that seems set on depleting your stores of these important parts of physiology. It is through these that we can remain motivated, committed and energetic; all the things we need to have lasting success.

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  • Learning to say no and focus on one thing rather than more than you can handle. [2:26]
  • Morning routines, gratitude and the feeling of being alive and committed. [09:50]
  • Intentional work towards a long-term goal instead of mindless action. [12:41]
  • Planning joy, starting your day in the right way and the difference this can make. [15:45]
  • How finding joy in difficult activities can define how successful you are subsequently. [20:49]
  • Increasing testosterone and dopamine for motivation and energy levels. [22:50]
  • Changing habits and making conscious decisions about our daily rituals. [29:01]
  • A special review from Keith about the podcast what he loves about it! [35:31]
  • Up-regulating and getting out of the more lethargic physical and mental states. [39:37]