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Muscle Intelligence

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Nov 25, 2019

For this week's Q&A episode, Ashleigh and Ben have a conversation that covers leadership, proactive conversations, education, the myth of luck, and fatty diets. The discussion starts  with some thoughts around better ways to lead and the integrity and love that goes into any good leader's work. Ben talks about the lessons he learned about addressing problems as soon as they arise, rather than leaving things to fester and worsen. Both of our hosts reflect on what has defined good leaders in their experience and how they look at leading moving forward. A good portion of the episode is spent thinking about the impact that early experiences have on the mind and this is explored through the topics of schooling and kiddie yoga classes. Too often we teach kids to deal with stress through escapism rather than equipping them to work through difficulties proactively. The same goes for school, Ben is still set on homeschooling, as he thinks that most school systems focus too much on memorization and rote learning instead of actual learning skills. Ashleigh opens up about her thoughts on luck and what a fallacy it is to call things 'lucky'. Hard work pays off and we all have to put in the time to see results. Lastly, the discussion turns to diet and training and the quickest routes to getting super shredded!




  • The benefits of using structured water vapor and grounding exercises. [1:28]
  • This week's healthy habit about leadership! [4:30]
  • Having the hard conversations as early as possible for everyone's benefit. [10:37]
  • The feedback that has most surprised Ben from listeners. [13:44]
  • Early education, hot yoga and why classes for kids could be so beneficial. [16:57]
  • The main point of school and teaching kids how to learn. [23:20]
  • Ashleigh's rant of the week; luck has nothing to do with it! [25:21]
  • The quickest way to get super shredded and lean right now. [31:15]
  • Fatty diets and a reminder of how much Ben loves olive oil! [36:26]