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Muscle Intelligence

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Nov 12, 2021

Ready to break out of the status-quo training methodologies that are so commonly seen in the fitness industry?  Dr. Pat Davidson breaks down the journey from unconscious incompetency to automatic competency in this interview that takes a functionally integrated systems approach to training.

Dr. Davidson's in-depth perspectives are a breath of fresh air for any coach, trainer, or athlete looking to truly optimize movement and correct body alignment.  Not only does Dr. Davidson break down transformation in the physical realm, but he also details some common denominators between spirituality and science.  Tune in (and take notes!) as Dr. Davidson and Ben break down:

  • The powerful decision of who you choose to be in each moment.
  • How to begin noticing your dominant response, and whether it serves you.
  • A neurological approach to recovery and bodily realignment.
  • Why joint pain and range-of-motion restriction is NOT normal. (And what to do about it!)
  • Where coaches can implement a troubleshooting checklist to assess structural alignment.

Pat Davidson, PhD is a strength and conditioning coach and the author of “A Coach’s Guide to Optimizing Movement.”  Dr. Davidson also developed a certification program for coaches called “Rethinking the Big Patterns.”  You can learn more about Dr. Davidson at:


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