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Muscle Intelligence

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Sep 26, 2022

Today's podcast is the second in our Six-Pillar Series - a deep dive into Nutrition. After reviewing the past year's most impactful podcasts and webinars, I picked a handful that offer incredible nutritional insight and actionable tips to help you fuel your performance.

You'll hear from:
 • Mark Sisson, on the "fourth macronutrient" and the real scoop on grains, inflammation, and the gut microbiome.  Listen to the full interview with Mark here.
 • Dr. Ted Naiman, on his brilliant "Protein:Energy" theory of eating, and the 8 big levers that improve satiation, & decrease caloric consumption.  Listen to the full interview with Dr. Naiman here.
 • Robb Wolf, for a deep dive into whether vegetarian/vegan diets are actually healthier than eating meat, and for some surprising insights on the not-so-downside of conventional beef.  Listen to the full interview with Robb here.
 • Christian Thibaudeau, on utilizing low carb diets to increase dopamine, motivation, and energy.  Listen to the full interview with Christian here.
 • And I share the reasons why being lean, healthy, and muscular are about SO much more than what you look like.  Listen to my full Fat Loss Webinar here.

You'll learn:

  • The ONE Macronutrient that Prevents Over-Eating (& How to Use It).
  • 8 Scientifically-Backed Techniques to Eat Less, but Have More Energy.
  • The #1 Inflammatory Food to Subtract From Your Diet.
  • How a Keto Diet Works at the Level of Your Nervous System.
  • The GREATEST Levers for a Healthy Gut Microbiome, and a Focused Mind.

Don't forget your copy of the episode guide with key takeaways. I highly recommend this guide to accompany you in your kitchen, or to the grocery store - particularly if you aim to eat for high performance, and optimal body composition.

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