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Muscle Intelligence

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Apr 15, 2019

No matter what your goal, learning and skill acquisition are major bottlenecks to success. But what if you could reduce the time it took for you to learn? Our guest today, Dr. Daniel Chao has spent his career doing just that!  After graduating from Stanford Medical School with an MD in neuroscience, Dr. Chao started developing tech that primes your brain for learning. The result... Halo Sport.

In this episode, Dr. Chao and Ben dive into how learning happens in the brain and more importantly how we can influence it.  They discuss the mechanism behind Halo Sport's success and how they have improved it for the soon to be released Halo Sport 2. 

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Time Stamps

  • How the status quo around the brain is broken. [0:44]
  • Why drugs for the brain don’t work very well. [5:50]
  • The idea of zero sum. [9:55]
  • The history of neurostimulation. [13:40]
  • What does the research show and what are the potential implications when we subject our brain to stimulation? [16:20]
  • Has Halo Sport seen any quantitative data to support bumps in performance? [25:50]
  • How are they collecting data from the brain? [33:45]
  • Understanding their place in science. [36:06]
  • How does Halo 2 differ from Halo 1? [39:05]
  • Have they seen any synergetic effects? [43:43]
  • What is Halo Sport currently excited about? [46:41]

Featured Guest

  • Daniel Chao (@danielchao) | Twitter

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