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Feb 20, 2023

Most men I talk to are obsessed with high-impact output. They always want the best results possible for their body, business, and family. 

They want to do the right things (effectiveness), do those in the right way (efficiency), and do it with intensity (the multiplier of the output).

And if you value these things… you MUST check out this interview I did with Matt Gallant.

Matt is one of those people that begins where everyone ends. He's a true optimizer, brilliant biohacker, leader of his tribe, and one of my favorite people of all time.

We'll go really in-depth into human optimization as we discuss:

  • What to Optimize for from Morning to Night, for Maximum Effectiveness
  • Meal Timing for Fat Loss, Athletic Performance, and Quality Sleep
  • How Just 10 Grams of THIS Food Can Stop Middle-of-the Night Wake-Ups
  • A Simple Evening Trick to Prevent Morning Sleepiness and Fatigue
  • The ONE Genetic Variation that Might be Causing Sleep Issues

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