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Apr 1, 2019

Welcome back to part 2 of our carnivore deep dive with Dr. Paul Saladino!  In this episode we pick up right where we left off with how plants use sometimes not so subtle toxins to defend themselves from predators.  The conversation continues through the best fats to consume and ends with a rapid-fire round of everything from meat quality to supplementation to whether fish count as meat on a carne diet.

  • How animals/humans are PC’s and plants are Mac’s: The operating systems are different. [3:00]
  • How much data has he looked at that quantifies the benefit of exogenous polyphenols from an antioxidant perspective? [12:00]
  • A rundown of misconceptions around fiber. [18:30]
  • The rules he lives by when it comes to glycine and collagen consumption. [32:30]
  • His thoughts on monosaturated fats and adding to carnivore diet? [36:15]
  • If he had to make an argument for eating some plants, what would his defense be? [39:00]
  • Would he weigh the negative implications of poor quality meat against eating vegetables? [41:30]
  • Do fish count on a carnivore diet. [42:00]
  • Does Dr. Saladino take any supplements to support his carnivore diet? [44:00]
  • Are there any limitations to the carnivore diet? [46:00]

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