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Mar 14, 2019

Joining us today is Dr. Laszlo Boros one of the founders of the Center for Deuterium Depletion. Dr. Boros started his career in cancer research in the early 90's and has been obsessed with treating chronic disease ever since.  In this episode we dive into the little known contributor to chronic disease, heavy hydrogen aka deuterium.  Dr. Boros' research is showing both how prevalent and how dangerous this molecule is.  Enjoy!

Time Stamps

  • What is deuterium and what does it do in the body? [2:26]
  • Does he think deuterium prevalence in the environment has always been at the same level or is this something that is occurring to a greater degree as a result of pollution? [6:42]
  • How does it enter the food cycle? [8:42]
  • How do our cells break down deuterium? What happens in our body with high deuterium levels? [11:50]
  • Has his center started to detect a correlation between elevations of deuterium levels in the prevalence of cancer growth? [16:50]
  • Is the general correlation with cancer increase the higher your deuterium levels go? [20:06]
  • Why all diseases benefit from deuterium depletion. [22:28]
  • Is there any negative effect from having too little deuterium? [23:44]
  • How does he feel fasting is contributing to deuterium levels? [26:39]
  • Would there be any benefit to increasing deuterium if your objective is growth? [27:28]
  • What foods would he advocate eating the most of? [30:46]
  • Is there anything else he does on a day to day basis to optimize deuterium levels? [33:15]
  • Why you should listen to your body before you listen to any doctor. [35:55]
  • What is his center doing now to allow us to test our own deuterium levels? [37:38]
  • Does he feel like certain populations are more predisposed to having elevated levels of deuterium or this is a human species problem? [39:02]
  • What is his center studying right now with respect to deuterium and improving health? [41:41]
  • What sort of success rate are they seeing with someone who has cancer depleting deuterium and is actually seeing a benefit? [44:05]
  • Has he seen any correlation between environmental exposures and deuterium levels that have impacted deuterium?

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