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Feb 19, 2019

Joining us today is Sebastian Oreb, aka the ‘Australian Strength Coach’. In this episode Ben and Sebastian dive into all things strength. They discuss his passion for strength, the process of getting someone strong, the technique he uses with his own athletes & MORE. He opens up about the importance of a healthy mindset and quality of quantity. Find out how if you master the basics of the barbell, you WILL get STRONG!

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Time Stamps

  • Where did his passion for strength come? [1:00]
  • How to go ALL IN on that ONE thing. [3:35]
  • What is his thought process when he is introduced to a new client who wants to get STRONG? [4:47]
  • Why you NEED to earn the right to add weight to the bar. [11:22]
  • How he breaks down technique + the importance of NOT maxing out. [20:21]
  • How does he approach volume and intensity with his athletes? [24:00]
  • How does he incorporate recovery methods into his athletes programming? [32:53]
  • The importance of a healthy/clear mindset to getting stronger. [35:40]
  • Does he measure time between sets? [41:38]
  • What body position does he prescribe to himself and his athletes between sets? [48:13]
  • Why he cares about HEALTH when it comes to nutrition. [52:12]
  • What is next for him? [1:01:08]

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