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Feb 26, 2024

A number of men experience, at some point in their lives, the downstream effects of mild brain trauma (often unbeknownst to them). And despite the word “mild” evoking an image of a condition easily treated and managed, the effects are too often detrimental…

But there’s also the potential for brain inflammation due to poor lifestyle choices - and correcting the underlying causes for this inflammation is imperative…

Plus, this inflammation is a MAJOR contributing factor to hormonal imbalance, and it’s too often commonly addressed with a “band aid” solution of some sort.

That’s why I’m thrilled to share a long-anticipated, insightful podcast interview with Dr. Mark Gordon, a renowned expert in neuro regenerative medicine and the treatment of traumatic brain injuries.

In this podcast, Dr. Gordon discusses his pioneering work in recognizing traumatic brain injuries as a cause of hormonal deficiencies. He emphasizes the importance of addressing brain trauma early, to prevent long-term challenges.

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