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May 3, 2022

I hear (and see) a lot of repetitive nutrition advice in the health and fitness space.  Many coaches, trainers, and fitness-focused individuals tend to regurgitate the same sound bites which makes our guest on the podcast this week stand out above the rest.

Dr. Joseph Antoun is a physician and the CEO of the cutting-edge nutrition technology company, L-Nutra.  He has dedicated the last 10+ years to determining key longevity markers, the optimal diet to extend our healthspans, and how to decrease many chronic disease symptoms.

This episode is particularly relevant and important for those in the 35-60 year old age category.  Dr. Antoun outlines action items to help you assess an appropriate diet according to your age and lifestyle.

In this episode, you'll learn:
  • The most advanced intermittent fasting strategies for longevity, and for weight loss.
  • The KEY to autophagy and cellular rejuvenation (hint: it's not what you think).
  • Five integral health pillars that determine how well you will age.
  • The ONE protocol that mimics the benefits of fasting without restricting or not eating.
  • How to determine your individual optimal protein intake, based on age.

Learn more about Dr. Antoun and Prolon:

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