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Muscle Intelligence

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Jun 11, 2020

With the general risk of cancer only set to increase during the current generation, we face the hard reality of these dangers lingering in our lives. Dr. Nasha Winters is an expert in the integrative approach to fighting cancer and having successfully warded off multiple bouts with the disease in her own life, is positioned well to speak on the dietary and metabolic ways we can reduce risk and strengthen our resilience to it. Dr. Nasha joins us for this episode of the Muscle Intelligence podcast to share this philosophy, talk a little about her book The Metabolic Approach to Cancer and share a whole lot of wisdom on a number of adjacent and related issues! We start off with some basics, chatting about the building blocks of a good diet and how fasting can fit into this. Dr. Nasha also shares her own story and the difficult challenges she faced before she even became an adult, with a teenage cancer diagnosis. From there we chat about protein in a healthy diet, removing gluten and whether soy is as healthy or unhealthy as we often seem to hear. We also get into the damaging effects of too much exercise and the potential for exercise addiction; Dr. Nasha promotes an individual approach to movement and exertion, as there are many different physical needs that we have in order to flourish. We finish off our chat on the topic of pollution and how to purify our bodies from its harmful effects. Join us to hear it all!

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  • Dr. Nasha's early life and health issues from a young age. [4:53]
  • Dangerous practices around radiation and cancer screening. [10:30]
  • The simple dietary approach that Dr. Nasha takes with her patients. [13:22]
  • Starting from a clean, local and high-quality foundation for what you eat. [18:13]
  • The varied responses to fasting across different types of metabolic systems. [21:25]
  • When to lengthen a fast to three to five days and the effects that start to emerge. [25:19]
  • Protein intake amounts and balancing short and long term objectives. [28:53]
  • Basics to avoid and the real dangers of modern gluten. [32:40]
  • The actual health status of much-debated soy products. [38:18]
  • Our addiction to gluten and the answers that are readily available to solve the problem. [41:11]
  • The final addiction; over-exercising and the serious damage this can do. [45:07]
  • Environmental factors that influence our health and risks of cancer. [47:43]
  • Ways to dilute and reduce the pollution we encounter on a daily basis. [53:22]
  • Dr. Nasha's sauna practice and the natural methods we can all access to sweat healthily. [58:58]