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Feb 8, 2021

Patrick McKeown is THE authority when it comes to breathing. 
Since 2002, Patrick has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide. His work focuses on breathing pattern disorders, sleep disordered breathing and anxiety.

We cover a myriad of breathing related topics on this episode - please check the timestamps below.

His book "The Oxygen Advantage" is referenced worldwide as the most complete and scientifically-proven guide on various breathing techniques.
His newest book (out Feb 15th) "The Breathing Cure"- deemed "the definitive book on breathing" - offers exercises to develop new breathing habits to mitigate common illnesses and improve your quality of life. 

To find out more about Patrick, please visit - You can pick up his books on his website!

Please check the timestamps to see the multitude of topics Patrick covers on this episode.

[0:20] My guest Patrick McKeown
[3:15] Show Sponsor Real Mushrooms
[5:12] Breath impacts all disciplines of medicine
[10:00] The impact optimised breathing patterns can have
[12:12] Anxiety and breathing
[13:00] Nose breathing during exercise
[13:40] Diabetes and breathing
[14:40] Concentration
[18:24] Bio-chemical aspects of breathing
[22:15] Bio-mechanical aspects of breathing
[25:30] Slowing down the breath
[27:00] HRV
[28:50] Mouth-taping at night
[30:40] Oxygen
[36:30] Autonomic Nervous System
[37:20] Every-day breathing patterns
[40:30] "Normal" breathing
[44:35] CO2 in the blood
[51:20] Sleep Apnea and it's side effects 
[56:20] Snoring
[59:58] Breathing and physical exercise
[01:03:15] Post-workout breathing
[01:05:10] Patrick's opinion on what we NEED to look at next
[01:08:30] Dentistry and breathing
[01:10:20] 2020 was the year of the breath... but there's more to do!

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