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Muscle Intelligence

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Jul 19, 2022

Mastery of the nervous system and cultivating a purpose-filled life are two cornerstones of what I believe to be a life well-lived. 

Today's guest, Dr. John Demartini, is a polymath and a world-renowned human behavior expert, with a mission to share wisdom that empowers you to master your life and destiny.

Dr. Demartini's work is a brilliant convergence of mindset techniques, backed by physiological evidence. Today's episode offers important and life-changing tools that you can instantly incorporate into your life. It's an episode worth saving and re-listening to, as I have many times already.

You'll learn:
 • How to Hone your Focus and Eliminate Distraction
 • A Foolproof Framework for Prioritization and Effective Delegation
 • The Impact that Purpose has on your Physiology
 • The Most Underutilized Tool for Self-Mastery
 • The KEY steps to Eradicate Grief, Doubt and Self-Sabotage

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