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Muscle Intelligence

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Jan 19, 2023

Muscle Intelligence has opened the doors temporarily for new members ready to start in January 2023. We train Champions. If you’re interested, click here to see if you qualify.

The single most effective tip for making every exercise more effective and maximizing progress is… 

Become able to see and understand the overlap of the direction of applied force relative to the path of travel of the insertion point. Once you understand this, you can get EVERY MUSCLE to grow.  

In today’s episode you'll learn:

  • How to Correctly Apply Force in ANY Exercise
  • The #1 Reason Why Most People Fail to Build Muscle
  • This Simple Trick that will Improve Weak Body Parts Within Weeks
  • The ‘USE IT or LOSE IT’ Principle to Overcome Tightness
  • An Antagonistic Approach to Balanced Strength and Mobility

And much more. If you've been training for some time and feel like some muscles just don't grow, or if you just want to optimize your training overall… this is 100% for you!  Don't forget to pick up your free copy of the episode guide.