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Muscle Intelligence

Nov 14, 2020

Jeff Chilton, founder of Nammex - the leading supplier of organic mushroom extract ingredients to supplement companies – joins me on today’s podcast to talk about – you guessed it – all things mushrooms.

Jeff was one of the first to bring organic mushroom extracts to the North American marketand has over 40 years of mushroom growing experience. We talk about medicinal mushrooms, how they’re proven to work and which to choose, plus some experiences on special mushrooms.

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Real Mushrooms


Time stamps:

[00:38] Today’s guest Jeff Chilton

[01:23] Show sponsor Real Mushrooms

[02:46] How mushrooms can boost your immunity

[04:55] Ben’s mushroom stack

[05:40] The effects and benefits of Reishi Mushrooms

[06:50] Triterpenoid compounds in Reishi          

[08:15] Taste the quality of your Reishi

[09:00] The new research on triterpenoids         

[10:42] How location changes mushroom DNA

[12:35] The aim with growing and selling mushrooms

[13:45] The cross-over between mushroom extracts and CBD

[16:53] The future in synergy between mushroom and Cannabis

[19:00] Details on compound L-ergothioneine

[20:00] Why you should put mushrooms into your diet

[21:10] The key to beta-glucans

[22:20] The difference between medicinal and non-medicinal mushrooms

[24:20] Receptor sites for beta-glucans

[26:35] Why analysis is so important

[27:15] Check the label

[27:40] Details on Turkey Tail

[30:20] Is chaga really a mushroom?

[32:40] Why chaga has been over-hyped

[34:45] How Jeff Chilton started learning about mushrooms

[37:20] Psilocybin mushrooms

[38:45] The most highly cultivated mushroom in the world

[39:38] Jeff’s exploration of different mushrooms

[41:16] Jeff’s experience in Mexico
[42:50] Environmental effects on growing mushrooms

[46:15] Healing properties of mushrooms

[47:10] Mushrooms in the grocery story

[50:05] How to cook mushrooms

[51:41] Growing mushrooms at home

[53:50] Cordyceps mushrooms

[56:00] Performance enhancement

[57:50] The problem with mushroom products on the market

[01:03:00] The benefits of Lion’s Mane

[01:05:20] Fungal mycelium

[01:14:00] Where to find out more about Jeff’s work