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Muscle Intelligence

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Apr 1, 2021

Rowena Gates, a principal at Eng3 Corporation, joins me on this episode to talk about the NanoVi, a device which I use regularly and have seen huge health and performance benefits from.

The NanoVi technology uses a specific type of structured water to help repair every day cell damage caused by what you eat, what you breather, what you are exposed to and oxidative stress. It’s a fascinating process and recovery tool, that you’ll feel immediate as well as long-lasting results from. 
In this conversation, we discuss how the device works on every cell in your body, the improvements in recovery, HRV, sleep, oxidative stress, and inflammation. 
Rowena helped launch Eng3’s NanoVi technology and currently oversees business development related to health, regeneration, and performance. Rowena has been a serial entrepreneur since 1995 when she co-founded one of the earliest companies to offer an Internet-based solution to the logistics industry. Rowena received her Ph.D. from the University of Washington for her work on international strategic alliances and economic development. When not helping bring NanoVi to the world, Rowena enjoys a range of outdoor activities, family, friends, and her own version of biohacking.
Time stamps:
[1:15] Intro to structured water
[2:00] Intro to Rowena Gates
[3:44] BLUBlox - use code MUSCLE for 15% off
[6:34] Proteins in the cell
[9:00] Improve the environment for proteins
[10:20] Water in the cell
[11:25] What is structured water?
[13:10] NanoVi approach
[14:30] Inside-out approach
[16:20] Charges in the body
[17:10] What is protein folding?
[20:20] Organised water
[21:40] Oxidative ageing
[23:19] Studies on athletes
[24:45] Inflammatory markers
[25:50] Ben’s experience 
[26:24] Repair and Recovery
[28:20] Improved brain function
[30:05] Mental performance
[32:30] Endurance improvement
[35:50] Making this device accessible
[39:40] Improvements in HRV 
[41:05] Sleep
[42:50] Difference in devices
[44:20] Self testing
[46:45] Demonstration of the device
[47:16] Rowena’s website and link information
[48:45] Ben’s sign-off
To learn more about the NanoVi, please visit:
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