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Muscle Intelligence

Nov 10, 2020

Friend of the show and well-known figure in the fitness industry, Mark Bell joins Ben on today's episode to speak about success, momentum, training and family.

This is a great conversation between two successful former professional athletes who have taken the lessons they learnt in the gym and applied them to their life. 

Mark Bell is the owner of Super Training Gym, CEO of Mark Bell Sling Shot and host of The Mark Bell Power Project. 

Super Training Products LLC
Mark Bell's Power Project Podcast

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[01:02] - Today’s guest Mark Bell

[02:19] - Episode sponsor HLTHcode MUSCLE10

[04:27] - How Mark is dealing with the loss of his mother

[07:38] - Weathering the storm

[09:18] - Being prepared for life

[11:13] - The power of self-belief

[14:25] - The story you tell yourself

[16:30] - The story of Mark Bell

[18:45] - Knowing who you are is knowing who you’re not

[19:25] - Leveling up

[19:50] - Mark’s mentor Louis Simmons

[20:25] - Mark’s friend Stan Efferding

[21:40] - Having an even mind & skill acquisition

[24:10] - Crossing the t-s and dotting the i-s

[28:00] - Having mentors

[30:00] - Are you all in?

[32:10] - Brand certified in bodybuilding

[34:53] - Levels of experience

[40:35] - Ben’s best training partner

[41:50] - Cheat reps

[43:50] - Mark’s goals

[44:43] - Lat training

[46:50] - Who introduced Mark to Stoicism

[49:20] - Lessons learnt in the gym

[53:48] - What led Mark to stoicism

[55:25] - How Mark learns new things

[57:00] - From learning disability to entrepreneur

[01:12:00] - The power of interest

[01:13:00] - Ben and Mark’s approach to parenting

[01:20:30] - Getting over the initial struggle

[01:26:00] - A simple yet powerful framework for your family