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Muscle Intelligence

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Sep 28, 2020

Ever wondered why Ben frames his teachings around the 6 Pillars of a Lean, Healthy and Muscular Body... for Life? In this episode, Ben explains what he was searching for at the beginning of his bodybuilding career and why he felt the need to create something that was previously missing in the fitness industry. 
He speaks to how the Muscle Intelligence brand has evolved, gives you his approach and definition of health, goes into the only type of client he takes on for contest prep and so much more. There's quotes, tips and book recommendations in this podcast for you. 

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Ben’s Books
Leo Buscaglia – Love: What life is all about 
Russel Brunson – DotComSecrets 
Philip Shepherd - Radical Wholeness: The Embodied Present and the Ordinary Grace of Being 



[00:40] – The back story of Muscle Intelligence

[01:06] – Ben’s role models

[01:49] – The value gained from getting into very low bodyfat %.

[02:53] – Why Ben doesn’t recommend competing.

[03:38] – Health in Pro Bodybuilding?

[04:15] – The Bodybuilding Culture.

[04:44] – Looking at optimizing the athlete.

[05:08] – Ben’s definition of health.

[05:43] – The Trilogy of Muscle Intelligence. – Lean, Healthy, Muscular

[06:07] – Health is a precursor to muscle building.

[06:39] – Aesthetics: What being lean says about you.

[07:33] – Health and your ability to adapt.

[08:58] – Your perception of stress.

[10:42] – Muscular equals vitality.

[11:26] – The foundation to achieving your goals.

[11:58] – One of Ben’s favorite quotes.

[12:26] – The key to building the maximum amount of muscle in the shortest amount of time.

[12:44] – Why more isn’t better. 

[13:56] – Does Ben prep clients for contests?

[19:59] – High Impact Habits for life.

[21:39] – Powerful quotes from The Daily Stoic.

[23:53] – Upcoming projects and the evolution of the Muscle Intelligence brand.

[28:33] – The three books Ben is currently reading.

[34:28] – Ben’s tip of the week.

[37:27] – Ben’s quote of the week.

[38:01] – Why Ben is grateful for Dr. Jordan Shallow.

[34:28] – Today’s Sponsor – Real Mushrooms