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Muscle Intelligence

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May 25, 2020

For this amazing Q&A, Ben kicks things off talking about his six pillars of health, and how to be committed and serious about goals while still remembering to show up in other aspects of life. From there our hosts discuss the value of surrounding yourself with people you aspire to be more like, which also involves the hard task of cutting certain people out. Next up, Ben and Ash give thanks for the amazing power of vitamin D before answering a few listener questions that bring up topics about daily movement, diet, and workouts in relation to recovery, and whether seeing food as a reward is unhealthy.

Another listener question about Ben's views on red light therapy leads him to tell a story about a time he may or may not have taken psilocybin mushrooms with one of his best friends and decided to call an expert on the subject! The two called up Dr. Anthony Jay and spent their trip diving deep into DNA with one of the world’s experts on the topic! This leads to a discussion about nootropics and psychedelics more broadly, and Ash weighs in about her experience using Phenibut, before she and Ben discuss how psychedelics aren’t ubiquitously good; thought leaders who spread the wrong messages about them can lead people into harm’s way. From there, our hosts engage a few more listener questions on the subject of keto diets, the main factors involved in weight loss, and how to help a friend who might need health advice without hurting their feelings. Don’t miss out on this charmingly diverse conversation firmly centered around your best interests in areas of relationships, spirituality, and wellbeing.

Thank you to our awesome show sponsor, makers of Ben’s favorite grass-fed collagen and powdered MCT: BUBS, a company making just a few extremely high-quality products and giving back a whopping 10% of their sales to charity. Ben uses their powdered collagen and MCT in his coffee every morning. Use the code MUSCLE for a full 20% off your purchase HERE.


  • Ben’s move away from myopically focussing on muscle to the six pillars of health. [0:16]
  • Identity shifts, bigger goals, daily wins, accountability: Ben’s transformation blueprint. [4:45]
  • Being dedicated to a goal while prioritizing all relevant pursuits. [10:20]
  • The importance of who you surround yourself with, and why Ben loves his friends. [13:26]
  • Gratitude for sunshine and the growing MI Facebook community. [19:23]
  • Listener questions about working out and diet relating to readiness and recovery. [21:10]
  • The importance of daily movement to improve the body’s glucose use. [24:24]
  • Seeing exercise as a reward and whether looking at food as a treat is wrong. [26:57]
  • Ben’s thoughts on red light therapy and time talking DNA with Dr. Jay on mushrooms. [28:06]
  • Ashley’s experiences using Phenibut and how psychedelics aren’t ubiquitously good. [32:23]
  • Listener questions about how to use exercise bands and working out on a keto diet. [37:40]
  • Factors influencing weight loss: inflammation, insulin sensitivity, and gut health. [43:21]
  • How to give someone health advice without hurting their feelings. [44:53]
  • Talking ethically raised meat at a great price from Green Pastures Farm. [48:13]
  • Pre-workout routines for glutes and calves; mastering hypertrophy execution. [49:20]
  • Ben shouts out his BUBS MCT and Collagen! [51:48]