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Muscle Intelligence

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Jun 29, 2020

Welcome back to another live edition of the Muscle Intelligence show! Today we focus on giving you some new perspectives on your exercise routine and this Q&A session looks at more effective ways, taking inspiration from the strategies of great people as a jumping-off point. We are really aiming to give you a new paradigm for exercise, how it is meant to be, rather than a preconceived notion of what it is! The conversation starts with an exploration of fitness as a more meditative pursuit and how mindfulness and awareness will take you further than a focus on the weight being lifted.

We then move into some talk about methods for improving weaknesses; Ben shares simple and actionable strategies for honing in on the more avoidant parts of your body and routine. Ash raises the question of how much each individual should reasonably know about what the processes are carrying out, noting that clients may have different concerns to a coach. Ultimately, exercise will play a different size role in each of our lives and we do not all have to be world-experts on our routine, but we all need to be present while completing it! The conversation then turns to a contrasting approach to fixing problems, focussing on strengths, and applying these strategies to weaker areas. For all this and a whole lot more on bringing yourself into your body and program, listen in with us today! Do not forget to check out our awesome show sponsors, BLUblox for the finest in healthy eyewear! Get 15% off the best blue-light-blocking glasses at, using the code 'MUSCLE'!



  • Getting away from what you think you know and the dogma of exercise. [1:40]
  • A more meditative approach to fitness; inside and outside the body. [2:49]
  • Shifting the focus of weightlifting away from a number. [9:51]
  • Practical ways to improve on the weak parts of your exercises and routine. [14:07]
  • Smarter techniques for avoiding injury and making constant progress. [17:02]
  • Client concerns versus those of a coach; protocols are not the answer. [21:36]
  • The mindful dimension to exercise and the opportunity it provides in this respect. [24:28]
  • Prioritizing habits and daily practices over short term willpower. [28:56]
  • Awesomeness versus awfulness; the part that attitude plays in setting goals. [31:50]
  • Differences between Ben's leg days and back days in the past. [37:13]
  • Eye-fatigue, screen time, and the difference that blue-blocking glasses can make. [39:03]