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Muscle Intelligence

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Aug 14, 2020

In today's solo Q&A episode, Ben dives into his personal experience with habit building as it relates to growing a lean, healthy physique as well as a healthy mindset. He talks about the common habits that lean, healthy, happy people have; how to avoid the trap of the obsessive mindset, where you chase arbitrary goals at the cost of your health and happiness; and tangible ways to approach sustainable habit building. If you enjoy this episode, please share with people who could benefit!


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[00:41] My learning journey over the course of 20 years.

[01:45] How I manage to maintain my body after retirement.

[02:53] My experience with different coaches.

[05:58] Impact of important internal body variables at biochemical level over external body.

[08:38] Important factors to consider for body transformation.

[10:09] Negative impacts of giving up.

[11:41] Creating sustainable habits is the key to long-term transformation.

[12:18] Two ultimate habits to fix your body transformation routine.

[14:29] You Make Your Personal Identity.

[16:44] What can you do to replace a negative habit.

[20:10] How to change your negative workout emotions to gratefulness.

[22:46] Difference between the identity that is created for you and the identity that you create for yourself.

[25:00] How to use exercise as a tool to overcome stress.

[26:04] Choosing your empowered version over the weaker version.

[26:58] Growth & Greatness Exists Outside the Comfort Zone.

[28:10] 2020 is an opportunity to Step Up.

[30:43] Sponsorship.