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Muscle Intelligence

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Oct 6, 2020

In today's Q&A episode, Ben gives you the details on how he is approaching his 12-week transformation and the aspects you should consider when attempting a transformation - whether it be with a client or for yourself.
He covers topics such as the importance of aerobic fitness, his personal daily walking and breathing practice, his nutritional approach and top 10 supplements, the trilogy of a good training program and why 100% commitment in necessary to achieve excellence.
Ever wondered how to select exercises that are right for YOUR body? The mission of the Muscle Intelligence brand is to give you the knowledge to train YOUR body the right way – not the way you see someone else doing it and today, Ben walks you through what to consider when it comes to selecting exercises.
And finally – in order to achieve a transformation, you need to get clear on your values. Ben shares his top 4 values and how they play a role in his day-to-day decision making.


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[00:19] – Today’s Topics

[01:20] – Ben’s target and objective with a transformation

[02:00] – The goal of a sustainable transformation

[02:22] – Ben’s approach for his own 12-week transformation

[03:00] – Stress and Recovery

[03:55] – 360° approach to health – the 6 pillars of a lean, healthy and muscular body

[04:50] – Aerobic Fitness – daily morning walk

[07:15] – Functional Movements – walking and breathing

[07:44] – Ben’s focus on an intentional walking and breathing practice.

[08:36] – Diaphragmatic breathing

[09:27] – Dieting – the first 4 weeks

[10:55] – Protein intake

[11:32] – Vegetables at every meal

[12:01] – Minimising inflammation

[13:58] – Anti-inflammatory foods

[16:52] – Ben’s top 10 supplements

[19:20] – How mobility plays a big role in building muscle.

[20:36] – Trilogy in training

[21:32] – Ben’s training split

[22:00] – Diet considerations for your transformation

[22:23] – 100% commitment – or nothing

[23:12] – Exercise selection

[24:07] – What are you capable of doing?

[25:18] – Training with intelligence

[26:45] – How to set up for your body.

[27:52] – Mindfulness in order to thrive

[30:03] – Stability

[30:38] – What to do next time you step into the gym.

[32:08] – How to look at exercise selection.

[34:10] – The 4 Hubs of Stability

[35:00] – What are your values? Ben shares his top 4 values.

[38:51] – Today’s Sponsor – Bioptimizers