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Muscle Intelligence

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Sep 14, 2020

In today's Q&A episode, Ben answers your frequently asked questions about his personal practices. From his meditation practice to the shoes he wears, his thoughts on psychedelics, the supplements in his cabinet, his tracking devices to the books he's reading and the courses he is taking - he covers it all. This podcast is jam-packed with information and gives you an insight into Ben's daily practices that he has implemented to allow him to thrive and live his greatest life.


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Additional Links


Waking-Up App - Sam Harris 


Russell Brunson - DotComSecrets 


Mastering Nutrition - Chris Masterjohn, PhD. podcast 


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  • [00:26] – Theme of the week.
  • [00:36] – Ben’s Meditation Practice.
  • [01:45] – Ben’s Breathing & Gratitude Practice.
  • [02:45] – What shoes does Ben wear?
  • [03:52] – What’s in Ben’s supplement cabinet?
  • [04:55] – Ben’s Sleep and HRV tracking devices.
  • [05:35] – Heart rate tracking Headphones.
  • [06:16] – Start taking Magnesium and Vitamin D!
  • [08:38] – Importance of Collagen Intake.
  • [09:17] – Importance of Glycine.
  • [10:52] – Ben’s thoughts on Psychedelics.
  • [13:47] – Success lies outside of the comfort zone!
  • [15:15] – Things you don’t know about Ben!
  • [16:53] – Ben’s eating habits.
  • [19:26] – What does Ben’s workout routine look like currently?
  • [22:36] – Does Ben do cheat meals?
  • [22:47] – The books Ben just finished reading.
  • [23:30] – The online courses Ben is taking at the moment.
  • [25:07] – Where do you want to communicate with Ben?
  • [26:32] – Ben’s Sleep Environment.
  • [27:31] – Sponsorship for today’s podcast.