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Muscle Intelligence

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Mar 16, 2020

Despite Coronavirus hype, Ben and Ashleigh take off their masks to have a great conversation in today’s show, covering a broad range of topics. They kick it off with Ashleigh’s exciting new project, an organ meat cookbook, and then get into the relationship between one's genes and their ideal diet. Cognitive associations with nasty foods or diet types can cause complications and so it's important to set up positive mental connections with healthy things to eat! Of course, Ben and Ashleigh couldn’t get on the air without weighing in on Coronavirus but luckily Ben shares a power pack of vitamins that would make the sickness feel like nothing more than a common flu to anybody with a healthy immune system! Next up, Ben gets into some of his annoyances about people who choose to become bodybuilders for egotistical reasons and pick the quickest route with the most gear to get themselves in a state to compete.

We hear why Ben won't train people like this, and about the importance of doing things for the right reasons. Even the world’s top athletes can be unhealthy in certain ways though, but fortunately, there are people out there like Ben who know how to support them through their stress. Our hosts then move on to talk about some best practices while training, adherence being a huge one, and then Ben gives some insight into the coaching certification he is busy building, as well as the other things he sees as the best fit for his time. Make sure you don’t miss out on these great talking points by joining Ben and Ashleigh today! A big thank you to the awesome sponsor of the show, makers of Ben’s favorite grass-fed collagen and powdered MCT: BUBS, a company making just a few extremely high-quality products and giving back a whopping 10% of their sales to charity. Ben uses their powdered collagen and MCT in his coffee every morning. Use the code MUSCLE for a full 20% off your purchase HERE.



  • Ashleigh’s upcoming organ recipe book; creating new cognitive food associations. [0:30]
  • All the lessons about organ meat Ashleigh learned at Joe beef, and her ideal market. [4:38]
  • Eating in sync with one’s genes and perspectives on health issues related to veganism. [6:13]
  • The ineffectiveness of intuitive eating due to cognitive associations with unhealthy food. [9:50]
  • Coronavirus hype and how it won’t give most folks more symptoms than flu. [13:44]
  • Ben’s immune protocol for beating Coronavirus: Vitamin A, D, C, NAC, etc. [15:30]
  • What Ben will and won’t perpetuate as a muscle trainer; health vs obsessiveness. [18:46]
  • How people who pursue true mental health wouldn’t be interested in bodybuilding. [23:06]
  • Bad training, poor reasoning, and why the best athletes are not the most healthy. [23:36]
  • How monitoring/optimizing only works if you adhere to workout/diet schedules. [28:19]
  • Seemingly disconnected supportive measures that should be used on top athletes. [31:00]
  • Too much information Ben receives and why Ashleigh won’t let him train her. [32:11]
  • Ben’s current focuses: the coaching/business certification he is building. [33:13]
  • What shows true knowledge: being able to explain concepts to the people at the back. [35:24]
  • Ben’s expertise, the story of the boilermaker, and ‘knowing where to tap.’ [36:09]
  • The offerings in Ben’s certification: everything that goes into a true transformation. [38:08]
  • Something Ben missed in his Coronavirus shield: glycine i.e., BUBS Naturals. [39:00]
  • The contents of Ben’s pantry: fresh-pressed olive oil, real sea salt, and BUBS! [41:58]
  • Benefits of MCT for energy and Ben’s coffee: liquid Alpha GPC, MCT, Lion’s Mane. [43:10]
  • Ben’s habit of the week: no phones for the first and last three hours of the day. [45:30]