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Muscle Intelligence

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Dec 23, 2019

For today's Q&A session, Ashleigh and Ben are tackling your queries and questions and throwing in some advice and ranting for good measure! They discuss stretching, bodyweight set points and the importance of beliefs. We also get to hear about Ben's stay in Colombia and why he is having such a great time planning for next year. A sizeable portion of today's show is spent considering how much our beliefs and long term goals affect our results, with both Ashleigh and Ben strongly arguing Christmas, how much he hates all the lights and the way in which he is attempting to hack the festive season this year for his and his family's benefit.

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  • Ben's experiences in Colombia so far! [1:53]
  • Thoughts on the importance of stretching, pre and post-workout. [5:52]
  • Bodyweight set point; what it means to move away from homeostasis. [10:05]
  • The way in which your beliefs impact your progress and results. [19:58]
  • Repetition, belief and the impact of micro-victories. [24:01]
  • This week's healthy habit; vehement pursuit of long-term goals. [26:58]
  • Why Ashleigh is so excited about her new BLUblox glasses! [32:19]
  • Ben's Christmas hack; getting away from the materialism and too many lights. [35:07]