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Muscle Intelligence

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Jan 27, 2020

Welcome back to another Q&A session with Ben and Ash! Today they are tackling the topics of social conditioning, negative anchors, the opportunities provided by large hurdles, teenage inflammation and circadian rhythms, and the benefits of journaling! We start off the episode reflecting on Ben's recent trip to LA and the great new things that his time there has led to. From there, Ben takes some time to unpack the ideas of the book, Brain Wash by Dr. Perlmutter, a read that he highly recommends. The conversation then turns to negative associations and anchors and Ben shares a personal story around his difficulties with speaking growing up and how this related to nervousness around his father. We then get into a strong argument for disciplined and structured life for children and teenagers in order to achieve good nutrition and sleep in a potentially tricky period, before Ben explains our susceptibility to cookies and social media!

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  • Ben's recent trip to LA and some exciting things on the horizon. [3:47]
  • Dr. Perlmutter's new book Brain Wash and the conditioning that we all face. [7:31]
  • Negative responses and getting away from these negative anchors in our evolution. [11:25]
  • Ben's early difficulties with speech and how this relates to his father. [15:19]
  • The biggest obstacles provide the biggest opportunities for success! [21:26]
  • Working around the teenage schedule and their particular circadian rhythms. [25:48]
  • Benefits of journaling for reflecting, learning, progress and clarity. [31:27]
  • The manipulations of social media and materialism and training the brain. [34:48]