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Muscle Intelligence

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Dec 30, 2019

For today's Q&A session, we’re switching it up. Ben is chatting with health and fitness expert, Dr. Chris Spearman but Chris will be the one asking the questions today. From a Ph.D. in Cancer Research to a global cover model, Chris is now one of the world’s leading online fitness coaches and the CEO of Fitness Coach Freedom. Ben being an IFBB Bodybuilder himself and having trained Chris, he is well versed in the area of fitness and training. Chris is here today to pick Ben’s brain about his training. During this episode, they discuss what training looked like during Ben’s peak, during the ascension and now during the new mountain, he’s transcending. They’re each a very different point in life and it can be very helpful to other people going through their journey. They also talk about the psychological aspect linked to training and the benefits to breathing awareness and meditation.



  • Ben’s training right now and how it fits into his life with family and business. [2:44]
  • Advice Ben has for others - making a constant effort on intelligent muscle building. [6:40]
  • In order to optimize growth it has to be perfect practice not just repetitive practice. [08:38]
  • Putting force through a muscle without changing anything except for internal stimulus. [11:10]
  • Meditation and why training is your best time to be present. [16:35]
  • Would Ben still have trained this way if he had to go back in time. [19:58]
  • Understanding progressive overload. [24:03]
  • Distance: moment arm - from the line of force to the axis of rotation. [25:30]
  • Advice to people who are hesitant about doing group training. [27:15]
  • Building muscle by going through the different stages of mobility, stability and skill. [29:50]
  • Where to go to learnt he fundamentals of muscle building . [32:39]
  • Smaller, simple exercises people can do to be more aware of their breathing. [36:03]
  • Anxiety is not a character trait, it's a state and you can fix it. [39:39]
  • If Ben applied the knowledge he knows now, 10 years ago, what would the outcome be. [43:29]
  • The significance of breathing in waist control. [45:22]
  • The ability of someone to reach the heights that they’re physically and mentally capable of. [46:50]
  • Values in discipline to be developed without having to experience the pain of failure. [50:19]
  • Getting out of that victim mentality and acknowledging it in your life. [52:06]
  • Rapid, immediate, drastic action toward fixing it. [55:55]
  • Hear more about the Muscle Camps, what it’s all about it and the finalized dates. [58:05]