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Muscle Intelligence

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Jun 1, 2020

There are so many facets that go into making a workout great, which is why Ben has compiled a document to help you understand what’s valuable to place your mind and body in the right state. It’s easy to think you can just step into the gym unprepared, but this is far from true, so we dive into the document today. We kick off the show by discussing some of the mental work you need to do like meditation, anchoring your superhero, and speaking words of success. We also find out more about being present and why you have to take total responsibility for every action. Along with this, Ben also sheds light on some of the important physical work that needs to be done, like setting up, stabilizing, and initiating, looking at your tempos and rest periods, and ramping up contractions rather than loads. Other topics Ben touches on include what to consume as pre-workout, how to maximize recovery, and figuring out what to eat before you train. Fat is hugely important, and Ben’s main fat source is high-quality, extra virgin olive oil. He gets his from Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil company - they travel the world to source the highest quality, freshest, and most delicious varieties. The newest batch is from Spain and Portugal and they are delicious. Try them out for yourself and get a full-sized bottle for only $1 - go to



  • Why unconscious competence is something to aspire to in exercise. [2:54]
  • Calm those waters: How meditation helps increase focus. [3:24]
  • Anchor superhero you: What this means and how to get it done. [4:18]
  • The importance of changing your state when getting to gym. [5:30]
  • How breathing correctly ups your game and Ben’s breath routine. [7:21]
  • Why using strong words — and not victim ones — sets you up for success. [9:40]
  • Habits are everything, so develop ones that help you get where you want to be. [9:55]
  • Go internal and reconnect with your body from the inside out. [11:32]
  • The power of presence and how this shapes your gym (and life) routine. [13:09]
  • Radical ownership: Why you have to take responsibility for everything you do. [14:47]
  • View each rep as an opportunity to make progress. [15:55]
  • Why you should pay attention to tempos and the rest periods. [16:44]
  • Don’t get complacent — Challenge those muscles continually. [18:00]
  • Set up, stabilize, and initiate: Three key facets to building muscles properly. [20:04]
  • Quality before quantity — Why less is often more. [24:40]
  • Defining muscle growth and how this frames your workout. [25:30]
  • Three things you need to progress your body: Mobility, stability, and skill. [26:14]
  • Why you have to train mobility and get into range actively. [27:43]
  • The role of isolation and integration in building the body you want. [28:20]
  • Perfect practice, not practice makes perfect. [29:49]
  • Take charge of every inch of every single rep. [29:54]
  • Why you should ramp up contractions and not load. [30:40]
  • Become a warrior and a monk: Ben’s tips on how to do this. [32:42]
  • How to achieve both laser focus and savagery. [34:40]
  • Breathe nasally and increase CO2 tolerance. [35:52]
  • Use your mind’s eye and visualize process and outcome of every set. [37:02]
  • Get your mind off of the number of reps. It’s just a guideline. [37:54]
  • Why you probably didn’t #crushedit. [38:39]
  • Go the extra mile and do 10% more than what’s asked of you. [39:53]
  • Put your phone away. [40:45]
  • Take care of yourself because recovery begins the minute your last rep is done. [40:55]
  • Why you should develop a strong grip. [41:57]
  • Every day is an opportunity for progress and consistency wins. [42:56]
  • Hydrate incredibly well before you even set foot in the gym. [45:44]
  • How to determine what to eat before you train. [46:28]