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Muscle Intelligence

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Apr 16, 2020

We have an extra special episode in store for all of our listeners today! A live conversation with Ben Greenfield that we promise you are not going to want to miss. Ben is one of the most prominent minds in the health and fitness world and his attention to holistic and ancestral ideas is second to none! We get into a big discussion on longevity and all the areas that are to be considered when aiming to optimize for it. Ben also weighs in with his thoughts on medicine, cleansing, diet and health hacks he is currently using. The conversation gets pretty deep so buckle up, Ben leaves no stone unturned aiming for the best, healthiest life possible! He also approaches all of this from a strong desire to help those around him, something that is motivated by pure altruism and love. It is really refreshing to hear someone speak so fearlessly about his desire to help the world realize their potential. Today's episode is at once broad and wide-ranging but also includes specific information on products, ideas, and nutrients that Ben believes are worthwhile. He zeroes in on a bunch of topics, sharing his experiences as well as what research shows us! The final part of our conversation includes Ben's thoughts on parenting and his hopes for his children, something he takes very seriously and purposefully. There is more information in this episode than we can try to summarize, so you will just have to have a listen and be sure to keep a pen and paper handy!

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  • Ben's new book and what eventually made it to the press. [6:22]
  • A starting point for longevity; the most important markers to give attention to. [8:33]
  • Walking speed, grip strength and VO2 max; metrics to track for longevity. [14:02]
  • Optimal levels for resting glucose and insulin. [20:18]
  • The increasing evidence for the benefits of a morning cold soak. [26:01]
  • Thinking about the role of protein in relation to longevity. [30:03]
  • A more parasympathetic perspective on food and Ben's appreciation for sustenance. [33:06]
  • The sections of Ben's book that deal with home soaking, sprouting and fermenting. [43:13]
  • Olive oil, black seed oil and the rest of Ben's staples for his pantry. [48:03]
  • Courses, workshops and recipes that Ben and his wife Jessa have offered. [51:44]
  • Ben's unique relationship with his food and how this journey began. [55:27]
  • Couple's therapy, breathwork and plant medicine usage in Ben's home. [1:00:26]