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Muscle Intelligence

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Aug 24, 2020

In today's episode Ben speaks with the cofounder of Renaissance Periodization, Dr. Mike Israetel. Mike holds a PhD in Sport Physiology from East Tennessee State University. Formerly a professor of Exercise and Sport Science in the School of Public Health at Temple University in Philadelphia, Mike has taught several courses, including Nutrition for Public Health, Advanced Sports Nutrition and Exercise, and Nutrition and Behavior.

The two talk about a range of topics and how they relate to sports performance: proprioception and interoception; a lean body composition; how and when to focus on skill acquisition; and the importance of fundamentals and hard work rather than relying solely on genetic potential (or using the lack of as an excuse). They talk about how to encourage kids in sports in a healthy way, proactive stress management, and what Mike is up to with his company. 

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[01:09] Introducing our guest, Dr. Mike Israetel.

[03:18] Sponsorship –

[04:49] Welcome Dr. Mike Israetel.

[05:36] How Mike’s PhD transitioned into his passion for bodybuilding.

[09:06] Interoception Proprioceptive Awareness.

[10:39] Development of Sports Abilities in Children.

[13:41] Two important pieces of advice for adults from Mike Israetel.

[16:12] In bodybuilding, the work and time you put in, matters more than your genetics.

[19:16] Bodybuilding is brutal, and it is not for everyone. – Mike Israetel.

[22:09] Children are tasked with unfulfilled dreams of parents.

[24:07] The process matters more than the end result.

[25:44] Things everyone should know when starting bodybuilding.

[29:37] Renaissance Periodization – Introduction.

[33:46] What is a Scientific Diet?

[37:25] How Mike manages stress.

[40:47] It is not just the daily practice; the goal is to maintain long term fitness and health.

[43:22] Ben’s journey of bodybuilding.

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