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Muscle Intelligence

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Jan 29, 2020

Today on the Muscle Intelligence Podcast we are joined by Dr. Harry Adelson from Docere Clinics in Salt Lake City. Dr. Adelson educates listeners on stem cells, from their function in the body to the procedures that leverage their healing capabilities. He explains the process of isolating stem cells and injecting them for optimization, emphasizing the role of the “superhuman” mesenchymal stem cells and the communicative function of exosomes. We take a deep dive into the full body stem cell makeover, with Dr. Adelson explaining who the procedure is designed for, the sedation options, what pain or discomfort patients can expect afterward, when they should start seeing results, and the costs involved. Tuning in to this episode, you will also learn more about keeping your stem cells healthy, the lifespan of stem cells in the body, the role of Wharton’s jelly, and the difference between bone marrow and fat in terms of stem cell concentration.

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  • The inception of the idea of isolating stem cells and injecting them for optimization. [4:05]
  • How stem cells are isolated and the superhuman abilities of mesenchymal stem cells. [8:04]
  • The function of stem cells and how it is leveraged in stem cell therapy. [10:29]
  • Fat and bone marrow stem cells and why exosomes are crucial in cellular communication. [14:32]
  • Patient experience and sedation during the process of extracting bone marrow. [20:42]
  • The process of a full body stem cell makeover and who this procedure is targeted at. [23:02]
  • Thoughts on epidural and intrathecal injections and their connection to the brain. [28:21]
  • What patients can expect following a “four hands” full body stem cell makeover. [30:29]
  • Lifestyle choices for improving the general health of your stem cells. [32:36] 
  • Post-treatment feedback and when people can expect to see results. [36:12]
  • The lifespan of stem cells in the body and the role of Wharton’s jelly. [40:10]
  • The difference between bone marrow and fat in terms of stem cell concentration. [42:44]
  • What the future of stem cell medicine might look like in the field of tissue engineering. [45:47] 
  • A guideline of what patients can expect to pay for these procedures. [49:30]