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Muscle Intelligence

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Dec 19, 2022

I get a lot of client and community questions about programming, and whether training for strength and hypertrophy are synonymous.  The short answer is - they’re not… While strength and hypertrophy training have plenty of overlap, the primary goals and signaling of each respective programming model differ.

Today’s episode gives you an insight into the exact process I use to program for BOTH strength and hypertrophy training, as well as the levers that I use when tailoring a specific program to a clients’ desired outcome.  This episode is a great guide to learn how to work with a body composition coach, or to customize your own program to fit your exact goals.

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You’ll learn:

  • The #1 Thing to Change that will Improve Your Results Right Away
  • The KEY Differences between Lifting for Strength or Hypertrophy
  • How to Get Maximum Results from Your Training Program
  • BEST Practices for Working with a Body Composition Coach
  • How to Properly Perform Progressive Overload and Prevent Injuries

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