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Sep 18, 2020

Dr. Greg Wells studied Kinesiology and did his Masters in Physiology and PhD in Respiratory Physiology. For his PhD, he studied how high level athletes were able to improve their performance through improved breathing. 


In this interview, Dr. Greg Wells and Ben Pakulski discuss the extremes through which humans can use their breathing to accomplish whatever the task is, from extreme athletic performance to meditation. They talk about Dr. Greg Well’s newest book: “Rest, Refocus and Recharge” and how small breaks and little tactics throughout the day can help you recover and feel better. And finally, the two get into how to balance radical self-acceptance with the pursuit of excellence and discuss the concept of “thinking about how you think”.

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Rest, Refocus, Recharge: A Guide to Optimizing your Life

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[00:56] – Sponsorship.

[02:22] – Introducing our guest – Dr. Greg Wells

[03:15] – Greg’s background.

[06:49] – Strategies and devices to improve CO2 tolerance.

[13:35] – How Greg trained his athletes.

[14:49] – Breathing Impacts on Bodily Performance.

[17:52] – Improving Acute CO2 Tolerance.

[20:35] – Does repetitive extended breath holds increase blood’s oxygen carrying capacity?

[28:05] – Achieving “That” World-Class Performance.

[35:01] – Heart-Rate Tracking.

[38:34] – Rest, Refocus, Recharge – By Dr. Greg Wells.

[42:42] – How do you reimagine the future?

[43:50] – Metacognition – Thinking About Thinking.

[48:50] – Practicing Radical Attention.

[51:45] – Visualization of the event.

[56:38] – Radical Self-Acceptance.

[01:00:40] – What is Excellence?

[01:04:53] – Personalized Medicine – What Future Holds!

[01:08:29] – Where to contact Greg and grab his book?