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Aug 25, 2022

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Ever feel like you’re training consistently and doing all the right things, but not getting the results that you've worked hard for?

I see the term "overtraining" thrown around in the fitness community... People believe they're hurting their progress by training too much. Ironically, most people who THINK they are overtraining are actually experiencing a different issue.

The good news is, while the problem can be complex, the solution is often incredibly simple. You just need to learn the steps.

I recorded today's solocast to give you a framework that will empower you to get MORE out of the training you're already doing, STOP overtraining (even when you add more training to your plan), and hone your programming for maximal progress.

You'll learn:

  • The Correct Type of Training (and Why Most People Avoid It).
  • The Major Differences Between Progression for Beginners, Versus Trained Individuals.
  • The Three KEY Things That Significantly Impact Your Recovery.
  • If You're Not Overtraining, Here's What's Actually Happening Instead.
  • How to STOP Stalling Your Progress In the Gym, and Achieve Maximal Gains.

Plus, I took the key points from this solocast and listed them in our free episode guide, for easy reference (just pull it up on your phone!). Click here to get your guide!

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