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Muscle Intelligence

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Apr 23, 2020

On today's show, we are so happy to welcome Dr. Dan Stickler! Dr. Stickler is an optimization expert and fountain of knowledge on all things health and beyond; his systems approach to the human body and mind fits in perfectly with our philosophy here at the Muscle Intelligence Podcast and we can honestly say that he is a true inspiration and leader in his space. In our conversation today, we locate his expertise within the current context of the coronavirus pandemic and let Dr. Stickler weigh in with his findings and understanding of the developing situation. We talk about the immune system and our longer-term responses to this pandemic, something that has surely changed the world forever.

The central message of Dr. Stickler's work is the idea of the human body as a complex system; for a long time it has rather been viewed as a complicated system and our guest explains the differences before expanding on the need to view everything with its interconnectedness and relation. We also talk about peptides, another area of specialization for Dan, and he gives us some insight into his approach and process with his clients. Today's episode finishes off with an underlining of the idea of becoming anti-fragile, a goal that we can all aspire to! Do not forget to visit our great show sponsors, BLUblox, for the finest in blue-blocking eyewear. As we spend more time at home and indoors these become more and more necessary, so head over to, and use the code 'muscle' at checkout, to get a sweet 15% off your order!



  • Optimizing our response to the pandemic and preparing for the future. [4:20]
  • Global trends for deaths and confirmed cases across the different countries currently. [09:26]
  • The latest on the symptoms for COVID-19; aches, fever and coughing. [9:32]
  • Demographics which seem to be particularly at risk and mitigating weakness. [12:23]
  • Other measures and supplements for boosting the immune system and resilience. [16:21]
  • The data around vitamin C, mushrooms and CBD oil and the unclear findings so far. [20:41]
  • Dr. Stickler's systems approach to health and the idea of the interconnectedness of the body. [22:01]
  • Where Dr. Stickler starts with his clients; the low-hanging fruit to approach first. [29:01]
  • Foundational tips from Dr. Stickler: understanding your metrics, stress, sleep and mindset. [33:33]
  • Getting out of homeostasis and entering healthy levels of stress. [38:49]
  • The use of DHHB and peptides; Dr. Stickler weighs in! [41:26]
  • How the coronavirus attaches to cells and can be carried by asymptomatic agents. [47:29]
  • The likelihood of the coronavirus being engineered as a weapon. [48:22]
  • Becoming anti-fragile and the development of a framework for this task. [50:01]