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Muscle Intelligence

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Jun 22, 2023

If you’re a man over 35 looking for a simple, effective and personalized plan to help you look, feel and perform better than you did in your 20s, head to to learn more about our upcoming programs.

Dozens of men each month tell me that, on the back side of 40, they experience decreasing energy, a lack of drive, or a stubborn 10-15 pounds that they “just can’t get rid of.”

While we often believe our problems are unique, after years of working with some of the world’s highest performers, I can tell you with certainty:

Your problems are NOT unique…

And it often takes a small subset of actions to solve your problems, push you in the direction of achieving your goals, and set you on the path to living your greatest life.

I recorded today's solocast for you on the six most common problems faced by high-achieving men, and how we address each one in the upcoming Muscle Intelligence Phase One program - a culmination of my own life’s work, that I’m so excited to share with our community.

Whether you’ve been training for decades, or you’ve recently revamped your health and lifestyle habits, I guarantee that these six facets of mental and physical optimization are absolutely necessary for you to achieve the biggest goals in your life.

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Entries are open until Friday, June 30th. Click here to find out how to WIN.

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You can shop their incredible products with 20% off using code MUSCLE. They’re also running a promo on my favorite Sunrise to Sunset kit - which includes the full suite of products to optimize your daily energy and support your sleep. When you purchase the Sunrise to Sunset kit, you’ll get 30 free packs of their Pure neuro-support product, AND free shipping