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Muscle Intelligence

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Apr 29, 2021

Get your pen and paper out for this episode.
Sam Miller joins me to talk about a nutritional approach that is NOT based on a believe system, or macros, or specific diets. Instead, this insightful conversation is about an individualised and adaptable, demand-based framework of nutrition.
Sam has spent the last 14 years sharing his quest for health, fitness, and nutrition knowledge with the world. Sam is an online coach, educator, and mentor, dedicated to providing simple, yet strategic ways to amplify your results wither with your clients or for yourself. 
Time Stamps: 
[0:24] Intro to guest Sam Miller
[1:36] Ancestral Supplements - use code BEN for 10% off
[4:08] Ben’s approach to nutrition
[4:28] The Foundations of Human Nutrition
[5:30] Internal health proceeds physical goals
[5:57] Practices and perception
[6:57] Dosing nutritional protocols 
[8:20] Physical demands vs lifestyle demands
[11:00] Objective markers vs subjective variables
[14:20] Order of operations/ SHREDS
[17:38] Macros vs the 10 toggles
[22:57] Ben’s take on macros
[26:20] Female metabolism
[30:50] Looking at data points 
[35:50] Insulin and HRV
[38:54] Faster vs fed state
[40:15] Mitochondria
[44:12] Seasonal and cyclical approaches
[50:20] Ketogenic diet
[55:10] Mi40 Muscle Camp in May
[56:26] Omega ratios
[1:00:24] Digestive distress - pushing calories
[1:04:44] Chewing and digestion
[1:09:04] Supplementation advice
[1:11:53] Sleep advice
[1:16:23] Peptides
[1:21:33] Sam Miller's Mentorship Program
Muscle Camp at Mi40 Gym - May 7-9, 2021  
Go to for more information and to sign up!
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