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Muscle Intelligence

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Apr 15, 2022

At age 68, Mark Sisson looks 35. I want what he's having. Mark is the EPITOME of health and wellness, and has mastered the art of aging backwards. 

I invited Mark onto the podcast to deconstruct his habits, knowledge and lifestyle, so that YOU can implement the processes that he shares immediately.

You'll get some key insights into Mark's secrets for maintaining an incredibly high level of fitness for decades, including his recommendation on taking the "fourth macronutrient."
You'll learn:
  • The two KEY components of optimal longevity.
  • How to build a truly resilient body and sustain it for life.
  • The ONE source of protein you're probably missing.
  • Why the primal lifestyle is the ultimate path to a healthy body and mind.
  • How to train for athleticism in and out of the gym.
Learn more about Mark and his work:
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