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Feb 17, 2020

It is a challenge in our modern society to be a truly original thinker, to stand by your beliefs in the face of criticism until you end up proving everybody wrong. This is especially true in hotly debated topics such as health and diet, and their connection to longevity. Today’s guest, Dr. David Sinclair, is one such thought leader in this very subject, and he joins us on the show to speak about his groundbreaking ideas on epigenetics and longevity that can be found in his new book Lifespan. Dr. Sinclair is responsible for NAD, one of the best longevity supplements that exist. He also pioneered the resveratrol research which had a highly controversial reception at first but which is now largely accepted in the scientific community. In this episode, Dr. Sinclair sits down to discuss a whole plethora of incredibly fascinating biological processes that play a role in aging.

He gets into how habits of diet, exercise, contact with chemicals and vibrations, and the intake of a range of different drugs and molecules can intervene in these processes either negatively, or with almost fantastical levels of effectiveness. He gives us all the information we need to know about resveratrol, metformin, protein, mTOR, rapamycin, sirtuins, NAD, and AMPAkines, talking about their functions in monitoring and optimizing the body at the epigenetic level. Dr. Sinclair’s commitment to demystifying this vast space is commendable, so this is definitely an episode you should check out, and bring a pen and paper too.

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  • Introducing Dr. Sinclair and Lifespan which dissects why we age. [1:08]
  • How societally orchestrated fear encourages consumerism, reducing longevity. [5:52]
  • The evolutionary rationale behind rewarding the brain for exercise. [9:00]
  • Why it is valuable to create stern rules around junk food: willpower no longer factors in. [9:53]
  • Longevity pathways in relation to resveratrol, metformin, protein, and exercise. [13:15]
  • Using workouts to gain muscle while fasting and taking resveratrol and metformin. [17:24]
  • Questions of whether protein, mTOR, rapamycin, or meat-eating increases longevity. [20:21]
  • Definitions of AMPAkines, mTOR, sirtuins, and NAD, and their role in energy levels. [23:56]
  • How sirtuins help the body live in many ways but are dependent on NAD levels. [27:33]
  • Ways to encourage sirtuin amounts: fasting, exercise, cold and heat exposure. [29:49]
  • Dr. Sinclair’s previously controversial research which proved resveratrol increased sirtuins.[31:27]
  • More on the controversy on resveratrol’s effects relating to specific enzymes it seeks. [35:00]
  • Recommended resveratrol daily dosage and overdose quantities. [40:51]
  • Benefits of metformin for diabetes 2, heart disease, frailty, and Alzheimer’s. [42:40]
  • Downsides of metformin related to timing and reduction in energy/muscle building. [45:13]
  • Effects of rapamycin which seem to reduce or increase longevity depending on dose. [47:44]
  • Impacts inflammation and being overweight have on immune activity and longevity. [49:44]
  • How CD38 blocks NAD and telomeres are one of the causes of aging. [52:45]
  • A major cause of aging: epigenetic changes over time. [54:49]
  • Ways to regulate epigenetic changes: sirtuin proliferation. [57:25]
  • New research of Dr. Sinclair’s which ‘reboots’ cells, reversing mouse blindness. [1:02:19]
  • Structured water, protein misfolding, and their role in aging. [1:04:51]
  • DNA breaks which occur in our bodies and how to minimize them: raising NAD, etc. [1:08:25]
  • Things that encourage DNA breaking: x-rays, CT scans, microwaved plastics, inks. [1:09:45]
  • Ways Dr. Sinclair mitigates free radical exposures: fasting, and taking NAD. [1:13:36]
  • Whether NAD is right for younger people: read page 303 of Lifespan. [1:13:36]
  • Womb activity and constant feeding which sets kids up for bad health. [1:19:28]