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Muscle Intelligence

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Mar 30, 2020

Peptides will most likely be a familiar term for most listeners of this podcast, with the awareness of their benefits and effects growing steadily during the last part of the 20th century and into this one. Today we are joined by Ryan Smith, one of the top three leading experts on the subject of peptides! He is the CEO of Tailor Made Compounding, a company out of Kentucky that has now gone international. He is here to discuss the impact of peptides, the effects of certain products and just share his general genius for this area of knowledge. It has become clear that peptide use, amongst so many other types of supplements and health science, is the most tissue-specific treatment modality and Ryan shares so much about how this all works in many different cases. You are not going to want to miss out on a second of this conversation! He gets into so many different products, some of which might be familiar and many you may not have heard of too.


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  • Ryan's work in the realm of peptides and the two approaches his company takes. [2:55]
  • The history of peptides, important discoveries and mainstream awareness. [4:49]
  • Two mechanisms for peptides and different long term benefits. [6:58]
  • A broad-stroke approach with growth hormone versus more precise means. [10:06]
  • Thoughts on the concerns about growth hormones and different types of cancers. [15:53]
  • The excitement around NA-1 and its efficacy in fighting cancer and viral illnesses. [17:09]
  • Dosing schedules and the mechanistic, inner workings of Epitalon. [18:58]
  • Sleep benefits, daily dosage times and fitting into a natural pulse. [20:28]
  • Using peptides to stimulate the pituitary and the effects on sleep. [21:42]
  • The range of mitochondrial peptides that Ryan is working with at the moment. [25:56]
  • The fat loss dimension to this conversation and the results seen so far. [27:21]
  • Ryan's thoughts on the popular BPC-157 and who could use it for best results. [31:11]
  • The products that Ryan is most excited about in terms of brain optimization. [34:07]
  • Statistics for Dihexa and how it compares to other products. [37:08]
  • Cerebrolysin and the results that have been noted in cases of stroke and TBI. [41:27]
  • The areas that Ryan is most excited about currently in the peptide space. [45:25]
  • The process of FDA approval and listing of available products. [47:58]
  • Potential negative effects of peptides; side-effects and allergies. [4:26]
  • Understanding lipopolysaccharides and avoiding some serious health dangers. [50:30]
  • Regulation and legality; avoiding dangerous products from unknown sources. [52:07]