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Muscle Intelligence

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Jul 6, 2019

Joining us today is a member of the ISSN and international protein board, Dr. Paul Arciero.  Dr. Arciero discusses his protein pacing protocol with us as well as how he is gamifying exercise for his clients to increase brain cognition.

Time Stamps

  • What is protein pacing and what are they doing over at Prise? [0:41] 
  • Why would someone who is healthy need less protein than someone who is not? [5:12]
  • The concept of gluconeogenesis and what happens with excess protein. [10:32]
  • Does the body become more efficient when you limit the availability of amino acids? [17:55]
  • What effect does endurance/cardiovascular exercise have on brain health? [21:35]
  • What are they doing nutritionally to increase brain functionality? [28:40]
  • The benefits of gamifying exercise to increase brain cognition. [32:50]
  • The Prise Protocol explained. [35:45]
  • The importance of recharging your batteries and getting into the parasympathetic state to recover. [41:20]
  • The insanity of what we subject our body to and practices you can put into place to lessen the toxic intake. [46:38]

Featured Guest

  • Paul J. Arciero (@paularciero) | Twitter
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