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Jun 24, 2019

Today we are demystifying TRT therapy with author and educator Jay Campbell.  Jay is the founder of the TRT Revolution which dives deep on the latest exogenous testosterone research through via social media, podcasts, articles and books. 


In this episode Jay and Ben discuss their personal experiences with testosterone as well as other hormone altering pharmaceuticals.  Jay presents the latest cutting edge research that challenges the paradigm of what your protocol should be on TRT and much more!


Time Stamps


  • Jay’s spiritual journey ad the wisdom/knowledge he has learned along the way. [4:04]
  • How did he get involved in the hormone optimization realm? [8:50]
  • Do therapeutic ranges of testosterone increase systemic estrogen? [13:25]
  • When are the estrogen levels too high or low for men? What are side effects? [19:07]
  • How visceral fat leads to all disease + the importance of ‘intelligent’ training. [28:45]
  • What are the negative implications of testosterone prostate? [35:33]
  • Is there an optimal place to hold your testosterone? [38:38]
  • The ‘lab coat’ god syndrome. [41:45]
  • What are signs you are testosterone deficient? [44:25]
  • What should you be doing to optimize testosterone naturally? [47:12]
  • The stigmas surrounding TRT. [52:50]
  • The importance of optimizing your thyroid + the dangers of AI’s. [54:45]
  • How alcohol is the destroyer of worlds. [1:03:05]
  • Why you must live your life with the avoidance of social media. [1:05:00]
  • The PROPER delivery systems and injection cycles of testosterone. [1:06:48]
  • His take of HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin). [1:14:08]

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  • Abraham Morgentaler, MD
  • Dr. Neal Rouzier (@PMCHormoneDoc) | Twitter
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