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Feb 27, 2019

Joining us today is Canadian Posturologist Annette Verpillot.  Annette has worked with some of the biggest names in strength and conditioning including Ben's friend and mentor the great Charles Poliquin.  Annette's approach to aligning posture through the eyes, mouth and feet has garnered a reputation for its effect of immediate strength increases of up to 50 percent.  In this episode we discuss what good posture means, the nuances to aligning it and the incredible effects it has on the nervous system, neurochemistry, and endocrine function.

Time Stamps

  • Can we define an ideal posture? Where does she begin her assessment process when seeing a new client? [3:02]
  • How if you have a brain imbalance, you are OUT of balance. [9:45]
  • What are some things in the first three years life that can affect our posture? [11:55]
  • What are some of the common postural deficiencies you see? What causes them? [16:15]
  • Where does she start when someone comes to her with a contortion in their pelvis? [19:20]
  • Are most of our postural limitations a result of poor childhood development or current lifestyles? [22:44]
  • What would she prescribe to someone with thoracic spine issues? [24:05]
  • Would doing cross body pattern movements be correlated with increased dopamine? [28:52]
  • What strategies would she recommend for someone to begin to increase dopamine levels TODAY? [31:03]
  • How does someone go about alleviating anterior pelvic tilt? [32:33]
  • How can one get their jaw back in alignment? [34:14]
  • Tips to correct a postural imbalance. [36:54]
  • How movement builds the brain. [40:30]
  • Does she practice what she preaches? [42:30]
  • Why we must start looking at the body from a global perspective. [45:35]
  • Where can we find more about her upcoming courses? [51:40]

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