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Muscle Intelligence

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Feb 25, 2019

Josh Lenartowicz, Australia’s highest ranked bodybuilder joins us today to discuss his beginnings, career and training!  Josh is a highly respected Olympia competitor and coach who came from humble beginnings, starting training at age 14 to rise to be one of the top bodybuilders in the world.  In this episode of Muscle Intelligence we dive into Josh’s unique training style, the mindset of competing at the highest level in bodybuilding, and how he fell in, out and back in love with the sport.  We also discuss the good habits he formed starting his career competing natural and why everyone should learn to develop naturally before augmenting with steroids.

Time Stamps

  • How to NOT let something ‘define’ you and finding your purpose. [2:20]
  • Where did his passion start for bodybuilding? Defining his current diet, breaking paradigms & MORE. [9:02]
  • How does he get so inspired to be so great? Breaking down his mindset and internal motivation. [25:00]
  • Has competition impacted the person he has become? [28:22]
  • The importance of turning off your autonomic nervous system around meal timing. [34:21]
  • Key tips to overall great health and longevity. [38:20]
  • The evolution of his training and the significance of changing your workouts. [42:45]
  • What did he learn from his transition from amateur to pro? [47:07]
  • How he is falling in love with training all over again. [55:10]
  • The importance of educating yourself and planning for the future. [1:00:48]
  • What does he prep look like this time around? [1:04:33]
  • How does he perceive stress and how does he manage it? [1:09:11]
  • What is his legacy? [1:10:53]

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